Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Chair in Progress

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zoom said...

It's beautiful! I'm so happy I stole it from Carleton all those years ago.

Mud Mama said...

It looks great!

Oma said...

Zoom ... thank you ... I am too!

Mud Mama ... I like those dolphins playing in the waves too ... not so sure about the others surfaces ... but I will play with them some more.

Barbara Carlson said...

Look forward to the butterflies et al.

Zoom's not the only one to steal something
from Carleton U. When I left in 1971 from working in the Sociology Dept as Head Sec'y, I was urged (honest) to take a lilac-type potted plant. Still have it. And it already was several years old in '71.
In rare years, tiny lilac-coloured, 5-petal flowers will bloom ON TOP OF the leaves!

Oma said...

Your plant sounds beautiful. I hope you take photos and share them the next time it performs its magic trick!