Saturday, 18 April 2009

Time Just Disappears

Yesterday my morning flew past me in a blur of paint patterns. Still a secret but the chest is now finished and the drawers have been painted with a base coat and two coats of colour.

My afternoon vanished in clay that sucked me in over my boot tops. I thought I might actually lose the boots when I had to crawl out hanging onto each in turn as I pulled it out after me. Lido clay really does make a sucking noise, by the way.

The garbage truck had destroyed the first part of the road and I was trying to fill in the holes. After some time with a shovel and a rake I trudged home and phoned Leonard. He came with his tractor, made a new cavern and then brought five loads from my stash of gravel to fill the great gaping maws. I continued to shovel and rake his gravel and to throw loose rocks into the holes.

By the time we were finished I was $20 poorer and very wet and muddy. I fell into a hot bath and did nothing until bedtime but eat, drink, knit and watch Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

Today I will work on the drawer fronts and get ready for tonight's Gala. I am to be Pat and Julie's date! But before I get sucked into the painting I will finish the little editing job I started earlier.

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