Sunday, 19 April 2009

Great Gala!

I can't remember when I have had so much fun! Pat and Julie asked me to be their date, and I had a far more relaxed time than I could possibly have had with a male date my own age. I dropped Kenya off at Tamarack's and drove over to Pat and Julie's where we had wine before leaving for Aylmer.

At the hotel the evening began with intricate (and yummy) appetizers and more wine (I should have taken photos) which we enjoyed while sitting on comfortable couches and listening to a very good solo guitarist. (Much nicer than trying to walk around in a crowd of strangers while balancing a plate and glass and trying to figure how one actually eats or drinks what one is carrying.)

Then we sat down for dinner where we had been seated with other Philemon types ... two teachers and a recent graduate.

Good food, fine company, a chance to talk to Layla and the other members of her family who have also been actively fund raising ... her sister Najwa and their younger brother. We even bid on silent auction items that we didn't win. I wanted the car detailing. Julie wanted the VIA Rail tickets to Halifax.

After dinner we danced until 10:30. Imagine! I stayed up till 10:30. Then Pat and Julie drove me to Tammy's where Kenya and I spent the night.

This morning we were out by 6:30. I was wearing my long dress and winter coat over my rainbow striped rubber boots ... not quite as glamorous as the strappy sandals, but better for walking the few blocks to Pat and Julie's.

It was a beautiful drive home to the country where the temperature was a few degrees cooler than the city and the silent fields were carpeted in frost.

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