Saturday, 18 April 2009

Here it is!

In Africa the colours have special meanings. Blue represents peace, stability and innocence. Gold stands for mineral resources, strength and fortune. Green is for Mother Africa or Mother Earth. Red reminds us of blood and life and is often used to remember the battles of the past. Black is the people and unity.

I wanted something blue to look at because blue is supposed to free the imagination.

This chest makes me think of Africa, of course, but it is also a reminder that survival depends on several things. We must adapt to our surroundings. Also it is best to keep our feet on the ground and our heads in the clouds.

I had a wonderful time doing this, and, of course, like everything I do, it is another Wabi Sabi piece created by a joyful amateur.

The knobs, by the way, are drying but they should just blend into the background.

I had intended to add acacia trees but chickened out at the last moment. I decided to live with the giraffe for a while before attempting to feed her.

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