Saturday, 23 May 2009

A Busy Saturday

It is just a bit past noon and I have been flying since I awoke ... flying, I might add, with freshly washed hair still uncombed!

My intention was to go to two garage sales in Wakefield and then to prepare my Tuesday lesson and work on a chair. Instead I found myself dashing into those two garage sales on my way to the Great Glebe Garage Sale.

By the time I arrived at Bronson a couple of blocks north of the Queensway, I already knew it had been a mistake to come this late. Traffic was absolutely unmoving or creeping far more slowly than the heavily laden pedestrians coming home from the sale. I tried parking west of Bronson but there were no spots at all. I tried east of Bronson. Same story. I stopped at the nearest gas station and then headed back to the peace and sanity of my hills with only one stop enroute ... at the giant SAQ warehouse. Once I got off the main highway I began to see garage sale signs sprouting up out of nowhere like dandelions. I stopped at each one I encountered and bought a chair for $2, another, even finer one for $5, and a handmade pottery bowl with eight wine cups for $10.

I could have come away from this experience disgruntled that I drove all the way in to the Glebe for nothing ... but it really wasn't for nothing. If I had followed my original plan I would not have got gas at Ottawa prices or wine at 15% off or found the three garage sales where I scored the chairs and the pottery.

And ... I would not have met the youngest of the German boys, Malta, cycling around Wakefield. He needed help and there I was, able to provide it! He is the one we would all like to nibble on ... or adopt ... the perpetually cheerful one.

Sooo ... a good Saturday morning all round!

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Barbara Carlson said...

What''s that song? You don't always get what
you want, but you get what you need...

Happy Spring!