Monday, 12 July 2010

Dashed Brains and Hopes

I had hoped that my hearing and balance problems might have been resolved by today so that Kenya and I could escape the construction noise and visit a friend who lives near Montreal for a couple of days, but no such luck. My hearing is still almost nil in the left ear and I continue to feel strangely dislocated in time and space.  I am also making odd decisions.  For example I used an enormous butcher knife to break apart frozen hamburger patties ... and stabbed myself rather badly in the process.  I seemed to have lost some brain cells.

Just as I was writing the above I got a call from my doctor's office telling me that the nurse practitioner would see me today.  So ... perhaps I will be fully functioning soon.

Paddy and Tom came over last night and blasted the hornet's nest inside the hydro meter house.  This morning I inspected the premises and broke up the remains of the nest and squashed the writhing white sluglike hornet larvae ... yecch ... their hopes and brains were dashed suddenly too!

More when I have a fully functioning brain.  This has been a week that has been hard on bodies and brains!

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