Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Dionne Quintuplets and Fecal Coliforms Updated

Update on the water testing:

My sample was 100 ml ... so while the acceptable parts per 700 ml for all the fecal bacteria (fecal, E. coli and eneteritis) is 0, my counts are, respectively, 6, 6, and 1 per 100 ml.

Now I really hope that my shocking the system twice with javex worked!

I can't get the re-test done till mid-August now.

I have been bringing my drinking water from the Wakefield spring ever since I received the telephone message that my water was not potable.


Lately I have found some very cheap ($3.99) good Canadian made movies about  moments in Canadian history.  I mentioned the Marilyn Bell one a while ago.  I found the one I just watched at Giant Tiger.  It was about the Dionne Quintuplets.  The male lead was the Quebec actor who played Maurice Richard in The Rocket, and the film  was directed by the NAC symphony orchestra conductor.

Surprisingly good, but unrelentingly bleak ... about five little girls taken from the parents and raised unnaturally and institutionally.  None of them managed to find happiness.

On a happier note, Kenya, Sadie and I played and swam for about an hour after I returned from running errands.  The very best place to be on another scorcher of a day.

Even my errand running was not too onerous: I found the components for a new deck to water ladder in someone's garbage, stopped in at River Echo and  learned of two other tutoring possibilities, and then went to Masham where I bought luscious juicy peaches and freshly harvested local  wild blackberries, and then picked up the things I needed to have a second water test done.

I just received the written results of the first test... I sure hope that my two flushings of the system with javex and the new ultraviolent light do their job.  The really nasty e-coli bacteria count  was 6 parts per 700.  The form is entirely in French, but I think the acceptable maximum is  0.

After the swim I took an ice cream cone down to the deck and read for a while.

You will no doubt notice the absence of any mention of tidying and cleaning ... tomorrow!


kingmisha said...

Lazy, hazy days of summer. After physiotherapy today, I came home and reclined in my Zero Gravity chair (a great invention) under the trees and listened to the tentative bird song. I was so aware of my surroundings and grateful for that awareness. The birds are into their molting period now so their voices are muted or silent. What I'm hearing now are the cicadas during the hot afternoon and the crickets as evening descends.

I was taking it all in. Summer is half over and winter will arrive before we know it, so yes I too appreciate the hazy, lazy days we have left.

Barbara Carlson said...

Yesterday John & I went for a walk in two conservation wooded areas -- he is looking for new spots in which to paint, now that two years of his "Year" in the woods is up, (today is his 432nd day) -- and after an hour or so of walking in airless humidity, John, who never complains, said, "There are a few superfluous degrees of temperature today."

He also has said of winter that "the supply far exceeds the demand."

I guess being outside in every kind of weather, in every season, lends a certain resignation or acceptance or ?

kingmisha said...

John has a wonderful way with words.

Oma said...

Loved your posts ... the picture of you in your garden. kingmisha, such a wonderfully sensuous description ... and John's understatements.

This morning I awoke to a cool bedroom ... the freshness of fall ... such a relief after those sultry evenings ... but I am glad we have another two months or so of gentle weather.