Monday, 5 July 2010

An Exhausted Post

I understand why they talk about heat exhaustion ... and I am here at the lake ... not in Toronto without power ... or even in Ottawa.  I can jump in the lake and cool off or kayak and create a damp cool breeze as I move ... or I can even tip myself into the lake when I am careless getting into my kayak ... as I did this afternoon on my way to the mail.

That became an adventure of sorts.  My glasses flew off my face and I didn't notice immediately because I was busy getting the kayak right side up and bailed out..  Then I went for the mail and discovered a couple of overheated intruders on the private beach ... Betsy's Beach ... she would not have been pleased if she had noticed ... hmmmn.

Anyway then began the mad search for my glasses ... or for a second pair ... I became overheated and sweaty and went out one last time in only underpants and a short silk wrap.  There they were just past wading depth but visible.  I finally managed to snag them with my toe and in the process became a silk kimona version of a wet t-shirt demo.

It is hot even here ... but not in the downstairs part of the house.  A cement slab creates its own cooling system.

My new student is lovely ... and we are having tomorrow's class out here at the lake.  We will break up the academic parts of the class with swimming and boating.

I hope you are surviving our latest heatwave, but if you need a respite at a lake, give me a call. I have always felt I was too lucky to keep this to myself and still feel that way.


Tamarak said...

Oh this heat gets to Mom lived in BG (British Guyana - now Guyana)for 4 she likes the heat...that is the only reason I can think she does sister was born down brother and I were not...both of us hate this kind of heat...the oppressive, excessive type! What I wouldn't do to come for a swim...except that this is the first week this year I seem to have some jobs...urgh...

Barbara Carlson said...

Thanks for the generous invite, but we do have a pool here at The Highlands.

We still haven't turned on or A/C but may do tomorrow for visitors in the evening... We are getting by (so far) with fans and lying quite still watching old movies on the DVD in the afternoon.

John's main concern is for the little squirrels in this draught -- he takes water to them along with roasted, but unsalted (!) nuts when he goes out painting, which is just about every day. They do love the dish of water!!

But what do squirrels do who don't have a John Benn?

Oma said...

Timothy Findley came to read at our school one day and told me afterwards about taking water to the groundhogs and other wild critters on his farm during a drought.

I suspect that squirrels without John Benns or Tim Findleys likely hole up in their trees or dig down into the cool earth and dream nutty dreams in the afternoon.

I am glad that you have ac and a pool, Barbara and that you can escape to air conditioned car and work environment, Tammy.

I slept on the blow-up mattress on the slate floor downstairs last night. Heaven!

Barbara Carlson said...

I feel under siege. Even with A/C, the temperature in this apartment is over 80. Today is supposed to feel like 43C -- 110F. This morning (outside) the humidity is 79%. "They" say it takes three weeks to get accustomed to this kind of weather...surely it will be over by then and we can complain of another kind of weather.

Oma said...

The invitation still stands ... but we should feel an end to the humidity this weekend. That is what is getting me. My asthma is acting up despite using my regular puffer which is supposed to prevent attacks.