Thursday, 1 July 2010

Happy Canada Day

Canada Day at the Lake
July 1, 2010

7:01 a.m.    Two red trucks arrived followed by a black car.  Five minutes later the whole damned crew was back across the lake and the earth moving machine was revved up and rarin' to go.  I groaned and began to wander around the house turning on taps.

7:15 a.m.    I have now let all the taps run again.  The object  is to clear the chlorine from the system so that the pipes will not be corroded.  Last night Ryan (my plumber) installed the new UV lamp, showed me how to do it next year myself, and left instructions to pour Javex through the system again.  I did it at bedtime stripped down to my undies and slippers so that I would not damage my clothes again.  Good thing because I forgot to close the bottom of the filter container and pure Javex sprayed all over the floor and my slippers.

7:33 a.m.    I am still half asleep in my grey polka dotted slippers and my jammies and robe wondering if I should escape to Hull or Montreal or if I should make yet another attempt to prepare lessons for next week. 

7:37 a.m.    I think I will grin and bear it yet again.  I am still not feeling A1 ... possibly because of the E-coli in my water?

8:21 a.m.    Email and such finished for now.  Better get at something productive ... or at least get dressed and have breakfast.  I want to take Kenya for a good walk, get into the village at some point because there will be festivities and I need to buy a sympathy card for a friend whose husband died yesterday, and start a writing project based on my recent reading.  What I don't feel terribly inspired to do is plan those lessons!  But that is what I should be doing.


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