Friday, 2 July 2010

Peace and Quiet

Today they didn't show up at seven .... and here it is, almost 9, and the lake is still lovely and quiet.

Kenya awoke with a start at 8 ... a Merganser was on our deck ... she went out and shooed it back into the water with its two siblings and then lay there in the sunshine guarding the deck from any more intrusions.  it was quite sweet watching her lying there watching the trio of scruffy headed ducks swimming nearby.  Kenya recognizes territory quite clearly, and understands that the lake is to be shared ... but not the deck.

All the time the blasting and noise has been going on, the Mergansers have been absent from the lake ... likely hiding in the furthest corner away from the noise.  The loons are a little more comfortable with human noise so I have seen them more often.

Twice this week I have dreamed about hugging absent loved ones ... and both times I have awakened feeling at peace.  Nice that the peace will not be shattered today!

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