Friday, 18 December 2009


It is cold this morning ... so cold that I hate opening the door to let Kenya out or in ... so cold that she wants back in within minutes ... so cold that I suspect her poop freezes before it hits the ground ... so cold that I am very glad I am not a dog wearing only my everyday clothing but a Canadian who has a sensible warm red housecoat for indoors, and silk long johns, undershirts, fleecy things and bulky down garments with hoods for venturing outdoors.

I have to go out at some point because I have promised to deliver the naked little rocking chair to the shop so that a woman whose little boy asked for only one thing to go under the Christmas tree will not be disappointed.  She called a week before Christmas Eve asking if I could do another chair like the one she bid on at the fund raiser.  We said it would be impossible in the short time especially just before Christmas.  She finally decided that she would like it unpainted for under the tree and then would return it to me right after Christmas so that I could paint it.  I kind of like the idea of painting a chair for a little boy who wants one this much.  I will ask her about his favourite colours and interests ... and get as much information as possible so that I can make it a very special chair for a special little boy.

I am also supposed to meet a good friend for lunch in Ottawa.

So I will be leaving my completed house today ... yes I said it ... the house is finished.  Peter worked here and kept his tools in my front hall and back porch for over eight weeks ... so for the first time in over two months I have the house to myself again.  And I can clean and get ready for Christmas!!!  And the house looks wonderful.  He did a beautiful job, not only on the cedar siding but on the installation of the outdoor lights and the little birdhouse box that encloses the hydro meter ... and the windows that he re-installed right way up have frames that are far superior to the original frames ... they are no longer 1/4 to 1/2 inch too long so now the 45 degree angles fit snugly. They look like real windows now.  Thank you, Peter.

Just some random thoughts inspired by my last few days ...

1.  Chickadees are very particular and aggressive about making themselves understood.  one of mine wants me to move the feeder back to its original place.  He dive bombed my ear a couple of days ago to let me know.  I was standing by the feeder's temporary location.  I think birds have more brain power than we give them credit for.

2.  Wild turkeys may not be as clever as chickadees.  I almost ran over one who was wandering in a daze along the 366 a couple of days ago.

3.   It is hard work to be with a deaf person for a couple of hours, even if they have the technology that allows them to hear.  I think it is because they have got into the habit of doing all the talking so that they are not forced to hear,.  Also, because they cannot hear their own voices,  they lack intonation and the other variations we get from a hearing person's voice.  I felt after a couple of hours as if a drill had been running non-stop.  I like my new deaf friend but it is exhausting to be with him for any length of time.

Bundle up today, or stay in by the fire.  I wish I could choose the second option ...


Barbara Carlson said...

Re: bird brains...
One of my favourite books this year was Alex & Me
by Dr. Irene M. Pepperberg. I gave it to my neighbour, whose brainy physicist husband read it with much relish, reading out to her every funny/touching bit.
But she read it herself and then bought one to give as a gift.

Here is one of many websites on this remarkable African Gray parrot: Alex.

Have a safe, bundled-up day going out.

Oma said...

I will look for Alex and Me.