Wednesday, 2 December 2009

New Header


Look what Tammy produced from my photo!


Tamarak said...


I'm glad you like is a great photo of you beautiful spot!

Barbara Carlson said...

It is fabulous!
Looks like sprinkled powered sugar.

And I don't have to scroll down to see if I've already read your post.
It that your house?

Tamarak said...

The board and batton sure is an improvement over that plastic wrap that you had to live with for a while!

And I absolutely love the smell of your house as you walk up to it now...the fresh wood smells scrumptious!

Mud Mama said...

I obsessively want to straighten the lake! I can't wait to smell the house!

Erin Kuhns said...

Wow! That is phenomenal!

Oh, I can't wait to come over and see the board and batten in real life!

Absolutely beautiful, Oma!

Tamarak said...

If you straightened the lake, the trees would be crooked!

Oma said...

I love it too ... crooked lake, straight trees, warm scented cedar, and most of all, the fact that the construction is first rate and almost finished. I will miss knowing that Peter is puttering around outside (isn't that an odd comment for a hermit to make?) but I will be glad to have my walkway, front hall and porch clear of tools and sawdust. And I will be glad when the weekly hemorrhage of cash ceases.