Wednesday, 23 December 2009


I had a good day but I am beat!

I bought the wine and other liquor I intended to buy for the holiday.  Did you realize that the only Grand Marnier at the SAQ warehouse is an enormous bottle kept behind the cashes which costs $61 after the discount of 15%  which you get when you buy 12 bottles of anything?  I need about one ounce of it for the cake.

Before crossing the bridge to Ottawa,  I dropped in at Tamarack's for a few minutes, and  then did my banking. I was early for my lunch date so I gassed up the car and spent half an hour buying children's books for the little 'uns.  (That was fun!)

Then I met my buddy and we had a wonderful lunch at a new restaurant on Wellington called Apollo Mezzes ... a whole meal of delicious Greek tidbits.  I had Arabic mezzes in London when Nolan and I went out to dinner.  These were better ... I would say as good as the ones I ate many times in Jordan.  And the wine was superb ... a gentle Greek red that is imported by the restaurant.  The manager turned out to be the son of a former colleague and he was at Philemon as a student.  I will go back.

After lunch I headed back up to the hills and stopped enroute to pick up a squash, berries, whipping cream ... and a tiny little tree that fits into a flower pot.  It is beautiful.  I dressed it in a half blind way ... and will likely have to make some adjustments tomorrow in daylight.

Tomorrow morning I have to cook the squash and bake the cake, and do a bit of shopping in the village.  I will finish wrapping gifts in Hull where I am going for the first of the Christmas celebrations with Tamarack and her family.  It will be fun.

I will stay overnight and, weather permitting, drive home early Christmas morning ... then head back into Ottawa in the afternoon to my daughter's for a turkey dinner with our family (or a good part of it).  If it is a stormy day Kenya and I will stay at Tamarack's and watch movies with her brother and daughter ... and then drive over to Zoom's.

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