Monday, 14 December 2009

Le Hibou Zentangle Carousel

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Barbara Carlson said...

Love the oooowl... clever!
Obviously an owl in the moonlight.

Lovely photos of winter: It snowed all day in Ottawa yesterday but John was out in it all day painting. I imagined him sitting there gradually filling up with snow himself, like the Frost poem.

He wears many layers of fleece + longjohns with a bright lime green snowboarder's jacket & pants overtop to ward off the wet/wind. On his feet are Sorel Arctic boots good to -70C. He is in heaven.

Oma said...

I love the picture of John in lime green ... you will be able to find him easily if he becomes too enthralled! How does he keep his hands both warm enough and agile enough to paint?

I have been reading mouthfuls of the Lint Chronicles ... I think I understand now why you were able to read the Nanowrimo draft ... you are just as crazy as I am! :-)

Barbara Carlson said...

Crazily happy, I'd say...

Re Lime Suit: John's little red squirrel friends were very wary of him the first time he wore it -- because the Fall leaves were the same colour as his suit. His boots, then, were camouflage patterned. So the only thing showing were his face and hands -- moving -- suspended in space.
They eventually got used to it -- he did give them nuts in their shells, all ready for storage. You can't fill up a squirrel. The two (fighting) reds must have stored 50 kilos by now.
The first time he introduced peanuts-in-shells, they went nuts!

Answer: He wears several thin gloves (some with fingertips cut back. He swears he doesn't feel the cold when he is actually painting.

Anonymous said...

This is Mandara, I LOVE THE OWL!!!
It is the most intriguing with its zentangleesque designs on the body!

Well done! Very well done!!! I made it my computer background.

Hope to see you around christmas!


Oma said...

Mandara, thank you!