Friday, 11 December 2009

Speeding Up Time ...

At almost 70, why would I want to?

"When you have a purpose in life, a vision for what you want to achieve, and know why you want to achieve it, work becomes fun, and the time you spend working seems to just whizz by."

This morning I awoke to find the above piece of advice in my mailbox.  I am not sure about the preamble (purpose, vision etc), but I do know that when work is fun, time flies.  It happened to me all the time when I was teaching full time.  It happens to me when I am engaged with a piece of funky furniture or with a piece of writing that is going well.

Time has dragged when I have been supply teaching or when I have been doing something that requires my presence but no real involvement, so perhaps the part about purposeful work is absolutely right.

Time also moves very slowly when I am too sick to do much, and when I have been writing something I think is patently bad.

I have a very messy kitchen just now.  It demands clean-up.  I know that if I could find the energy to deal with it I could create a decent work space to play with my Le Hibou carousel.  Then perhaps I could lose myself in the painting.

So ... going back to the original quote ... I have a purpose -- to create an inviting work space.  I have a vision of tidy cleanliness -- a table covered by newspaper, with all my supplies set out neatly.  I know why I want to achieve this -- so that I can complete this piece for Le Hibou ... and get on with some other pieces I want to complete before Christmas.  Now I am going to test the theory despite the fact that my right lung is clogged up and aching.  Keep your fingers crossed that time will whizz by!

Other news:
    1.    I've received word that Shea still has four legs and a good appetite; thanks for your good thoughts.
    2.    Gold prices are very high right now and I may try selling things I never wear to a local goldsmith.
    3.    The slate grey ice skin has re-formed in front of the deck.
    4.    The scaffolding goes back to Home Hardware today so the end of the construction is in sight.
    5.    Unfortunately the mess left behind is not; I will be faced with an unpleasant clean-up job next spring.


Pat Aubin said...

In other news, there is a new logo at the top right of your blog page. It says "Nanowrimo Winner 2009." Was your blog singled out? Congratulations!

Oma said...

Alas, no, Pat. It just means that I was able to spew out 50,000 mediocre words within 30 days ... for National Novel Writing Month. Anyone who finished got the logo ... and we all deserve congratulations ... for our stick-to-it-ive-ness if not for our ingenuity and writing styles. But thank you, anyway!