Monday, 7 December 2009

The Weekend is Over

The last post was entitled "The Weekend is Upon Us" ... and it was a sad little post ... self pitying ... This one will, I hope, be a little more upbeat.

I feel all partied out and it isn't even Christmas!  On Friday I had company.  On Saturday I went to the Art de la Paix open house and straight from there to Rosemary's dinner party.  On Sunday morning I had tea with Erin and proceeded to the Honey House party/sale.  In the afternoon we met Quenty and his people and then went to a dinner party at Lise's house. 

With the exception of the Honey House experience, every single one of these events was fun.  The Honey House was PACKED ... so crowded that I couldn't see the products and I actually became claustrophobic.  I met the couple who own Zeke (the Nova Scotia Duck Toller) and they had some sad news.  Zeke had just been put down.  He had a growth on the spine that crippled him within a couple of days.  The only other option was an $8000 surgery that would have allowed him walk afterwards with a little sling type contraption.  Not much choice.

The open house at Art de la Paix  was happier ... good (free) munchies and wine ... and I met some old friends and a local artist I didn't know (Denise Coker) whom I would like to know better.

Both dinner parties were here at the lake.  I have very good neighbours ... who also happen to be very good cooks.   Comfortable old friends at the first one; interesting new folks at the second.

Erin and I were joined by Bailey and her mother who are book lovers and we all discussed Nanowrimo.  Erin and I both completed the marathon and have spent the past week getting over it.  We printed out our 50,000 words in the past couple of days and discovered that they weren't quite as bad as we imagined while we churned them out.

Today I am going to dig through snow to start cleaning up the yard.  Tamarak suggested letting the cedar sawdust and bits I have not salvaged rot in the woods.  Peter suggested burning.  I am afraid of fire and really don't want to burn without a burn barrel anyway.  Any other suggestions are welcome.  I would love to find a good use for the enormous pile of sawdust created.  Maybe sachets to keep moths away?   Or stuffing for dog pillows?

At any rate I better get started.  Have a great week.  Mine has a few more social oppotunities ... dinner at The Mill ... Open House at River Echo ... and a djembe drumming class on Saturday afternoon ... and ... of course ... my class on Tuesday.


Erin Kuhns said...

Cedar bits = fantastic kindling...

Erin Kuhns said...

I'm sorry to hear about Zeke. Poor thing. RIP to the funny ol' dude.