Thursday, 4 February 2010

Chapter ??? in the Saga

February 4, 2010
The Saga Goes On ...

I got two calls about the sled this morning ... one from the owner of the kicksled company ... apologetic and understanding ... and one from a female UPS employee in Ottawa who thinks this whole thing is just as foolish as I do.  She said it is not just me; that as soon as we have our first snowfall, especially here in Quebec, the driver turns chicken.  She told me that he refused to take the sled yesterday because he is afraid of my road.  I told her (as I had told everyone else) that the road was fine but if he was scared of it he should leave it with my neighbour on Pike Lake Road.  She said she would tell him the road was fine ... plowed and sanded and that the garbage truck was in on Wednesday and I had a Purolator delivery yesterday ... so what the hell is wrong with UPS.  It was the first time I have laughed when talking to a UPS employee.

Keep your fingers crossed ... maybe I will see the sled today!

Update again:

She called back and informed me it would definitely come tomorrow.  She was having a meeting with the driver and the supervisor this afternoon and the driver would be told to either deliver it to my house, or, if he was afraid of the road, to leave it at my nearest neighbour's place on Pike Lake Road.  If I hadn't seen it by afternoon I was to check at the neighbour's.

This driver will likely end up with his ass in a sling over this ... but you know what? ... I don't much care.  It seems to me that drivers should be able to drive.  And if they are driving in the Ottawa region, they had better be prepared to drive in snow.  This year it has cost almost $1200 to keep that road plowed and sanded ... and we have had almost no snow this year, so it is in topnotch shape.  In fact it is the first year I have been able to park at my house instead of 1/4 kilometer away.

If this camera shy sled  really arrives tomorrow I will post a photo.

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Erin Kuhns said...

Oma, my thoughts go out to you with regards to this ridiculousness.

I'm thinking we need to pop open champagne if/when the sled actually DOES arrive!