Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Moules et Frites at Le Hibou

I have been meaning to start my special treats for myself for some time.  I decided to start with the Tuesday special at Le Hibou:  moules et frites.  

I love moules et frites and we have a long and happy history.  I used to eat them in Ottawa ... in the market with a group of friends ... at a tiny little hole in the wall on Rideau with my best friend  ... on a wharf  in Bretagne frequented by truckers with a lovely gay friend, now deceased.  Always moules et frites with red wine.

The moules et frites at Le Hibou lived up to all my expectations.  They were served with a broth that had a strong hint of coconut and a glimmer of heat ... and a wonderful French stick with which to sop up the broth.

You will recall that I wanted to spend my extra money ... money from dogsitting ... money from selling funky furniture ... on special treats for the soul.  Well this was my first attempt ... and it failed.

The owner of Le Hibou  and our waitress announced that our meal was on the house ... a thank you for the carousel and the nice things I had said on my blog about Le Hibou.

My goodness!  All I have done is tell the truth ... and play with their logo and give them a tiny gift because I am so happy they have become part of Wakefield.


Erin Kuhns said...

Oma, that is so awesome!! Waht a lovely surprise for you!!

I think one of these days we should treat ourselves and have a visit at Le Hibou over tea or wine...

Tamarak said... Cariño wants to go too...we should all meet some decadent afternoon!

Except I will pass on the moules...but I am sure that there will be something else I will love!

Oma said...

Erin ... good idea ... we will take our journals and cozy up in a couple of the soft chairs by the window!

Tamarak ... sounds like a plan ... their menu is vegetarian and fish/seafood ... and invariably yummy.