Friday, 19 February 2010

Decrepitude and Treats

I am writing this with a mouthful of soggy padding pressed up against a small excavation in my upper jaw ... 

This morning Chelsea went back to her people and I rushed off to the dentist to have the broken tooth pulled ... that cost me two special treats this month, more than what I received for looking after Oberon for a month.

Yesterday I took myself out for a special treat ... a wonderfully relaxing massage ... Thank you, Remi.

I still have money for looking after Chelsea coming in, and a bit of Remi's money left ...  and I will have Peach arriving next week ... so this was looking like a great month for special treats until I began to receive several bits of news designed to put the kibosh on treats for a while.

The first was the need for new glasses.

The next two came yesterday ... reminders of prepayment of taxes in March and June.

The last came this morning ... the extraction and an estimate for a partial plate ... to be done in the summer.

I hate the thought of a partial plate ... and not just because of the expense.  I hate the thought of any mechanism in my mouth.  I know people who are always losing their partial plates because they take them out when they are uncomfortable.  And then there are all those jokes about false teeth ending up in odd places ...

I don't like the idea of anything unnatural in or on my body.  Contact lenses for example.  Even snorkeling with just flippers, a snorkel and goggles takes getting used to all over again every time.  The one time I tried extra gear I ended up ripping everything off and just swimming.  I don't even like wearing a hat, so my little phobia might derail my good intentions for the expensive partial plate.



Erin Kuhns said...

Oooh! I SO feel for you, Oma. I understand your dislike of extraneous things attached to our bodies. Hopefully, though, you'll just have to go through a period of getting used to it and that over time you'll feel less overwhelmed by it.

Thinking of you!
Erin xoxo

Oma said...

Thanks, Erin. I got used to glasses, so I am sure I will adapt to this too. Old age seems to be one loss after another ... at least I still have my knees, hips and hair!

deb said...

I find I have more hair than I really want now.

Oma said...

hah hah hah, deb ... but at least it is almost invisible because it is white, and amenable to tweezing, right?

deb said...

So true.

Barbara Carlson said...

Barbara -- if you want good (but v. cheap) frames
go to Eyewear Emporium in Nepean. We got ours
(retro big names, John's were Alfred Sung @ $45
& mine were $29)...
and had our regular optician put in the progressive innards. It greatly reduces the cost!!
Eyewear Emporium can also fill our prescription, but we wanted to go to our "guy" we've dealt with for years.
Good luck. You can look them up on Google.

Oma said...

Thanks, Barbara. I will check them out.

My son mentioned getting my partial in Mexico and I have heard of countries in South America where you can get dental work done well and cheaply. Any ideas on that one? Apparently it is the lab work that is so expensive in Canada. According to the estimate I received, the dentistry cost about $1000 and the lab work $500 ... which wouldn't make it such a good deal to fly to Mexico to have it done ... unless you craved a couple of weeks of sunshine!

But if you are going to have to replace decrepit body parts, you might as well combine them with a treat ... right?

Barbara Carlson said...

I know that Denise Atkinson got some dental work done in Mexico. You might call her @
She also got crown work done in Bangkok!

Oma said...

I am so glad you are one of my blog readers ... and such a fount of information! I will definitely call Denise about this. Thanks, again.

Erin Kuhns said...

I know Denise! She used to live up here, near me when I was a kid. I've run into her over the years; she does beautiful willow furniture (not sure what you actually call it).

When you talk to her, tell her I said hello! :)