Wednesday, 17 February 2010

We Used to Die; Now We Outlive Our Body Parts ...

Good Grief!  I am falling apart.

This week I have appointments with the eye doctor and the dentist ...

I almost didn't make it to the eye appointment because I locked myself out of my house and had to scoot across the lake with Kenya and the kicksled to try to catch Peter before he headed off to work.  "Do you know how to break into my house?" I splurted out as soon as he opened the door.  Kenya dashed in and made a tour while Peter served me coffee and said he would come over and try. 

Kenya and I made it back across the lake before Peter, let Chelsea and Remi out of the porch and greeted Peter who opened the door without damaging anything.

My memory seems to be the first casualty.  I had forgotten that I had locked the doors, and gone out to clean up after the dogs and the garbage men.

In the afternoon I went to the eye appointment and discovered that my left eye's close vision has changed again and I have the beginnings of cataracts.  These two problems likely explain why I find it difficult to read these days.

On Friday I have a dental appointment to re-do a filling that was initially installed with a root canal in 1995; re-done in an African country a week or so later; fell apart in November, 2009, and was re-done in Quebec; broke a week or so later; was re-installed; and broke up again last Thursday.

It would be lovely if all the parts simply died at once ... the way they used to in the good old days ... or would it?

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