Friday, 5 February 2010

The End of the Saga ... The Beginning of Fun

The sled arrived this afternoon.  A new driver in his fifties said they had decided to call in the old guy.  He was returning to UPS to tell the supervisor that the road was A1 ... cleared, wide, sanded ... etc.

Now I just have to put it together.  I may have to call in the big guns for this.  but I will try myself first.

In the meantime I am painting away ... working on Clare's chair  for a corner in my dining room, and a three tiered corner plant holder for the upper hall way.   I like working for myself ... for my home ... and I suspect that I would be happier just doing these pieces for fun rather than even thinking about selling them.

I have been getting migraines again ... and I am wondering if the wood stove is to blame ... or the dryness of winter operating on my sinuses.

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Erin Kuhns said...

That is SUCH a relief, that you got your sled - all in one piece (so-to-speak). Let me know if you get really stuck putting it together, though I don't know if I could honestly be of any help. I can be rather hopeless with those things myself.

Secondly, I've also been getting hit by these headaches every now and again lately. Though in my case, they're not quite migraines and they don't seem to last long - never more than an hour. But they are terribly uncomfortable. It may be some dehydration, I don't know.

Maybe the two of us need to invest in carbon monoxide alarms (you may already have one, but I know I don't).

I hope you're feeling better!! xo