Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Blasted Road Blasting:

I suspect they are being hurried along because of the Quebec construction holidays in July, but yesterday the blasting seemed to be getting more careless.  First one of the great rubber tire mats flew to the edge of the road and hung into the lake.  Then the next blast shot rocks into the lake.

I feel as if I should be here to see the process and to keep Kenya calm, but I hate being here because of the intrusiveness of the operation. My life feels as if it is on hold until they finish.  Because it is Quebec, everything will likely stop for the entire month of July.  That would be a real relief, but another part of me just wants to grit my teeth and bear it for the short term to get it all over with.

Their hours have gone up recently as well.  They arrive at 7 a.m. and leave at 6 p.m.  That is an awfully long noisy period to endure, especially if you are a dog.

Kenya smells like a kenneled dog right now ... very different from her odour when she spends most of her time outdoors.  Maybe it is the smell of fear.  She hates being outside and refuses to go out alone unless she can hear the little boys giggling next door.  When she went over to investigate yesterday she ended up staying for an hour while the family had an outdoor fire going.  She paddled in the shallows nearby.

Fake Lakes, Fake Evidence, and Now Fake Laws... Fake Toronto Police Chief?

Have any of you been following the police chief's interviews?

Yesterday I caught a report of his news conference in which he displayed some of  the weaponry taken from protesters.  Among the items were a chainsaw and a cross bow.  When reporters pushed him about these particular items, he admitted that they had been seized in something completely unrelated to the G20.  (He sounded like a kid caught in a lie, by the way, nattering about more that he didn't bring and arrows whose tips could have been lit afire.)

Today CBC reported that the "law" preventing people from being within a few feet of the enclosure ... the "law" that allowed police to question, search and detain anyone walking near the fence ... was actually not a law at all.  The police chief just wanted to prevent criminals from acting. This time, he apparently smiled rather than appearing flustered.

And yet the real thugs in all this (those men in black) were allowed, despite a huge police presence, to burn police cars, smash windows, and loot stores.  The only way this makes any sense to me is if the police actually promoted the use of violence by the thugs .... or instigated it themselves ... in order to make it seem that the obscene amount of money spent on keeping the peace was warranted ... and to intimidate those law abiding Canadian citizens who believe they have the right to protest peacefully in this country.

I really don't want to believe that our Canadian police would do such a thing ... even though I know they have in the past.

I wonder what they did with our real police chief, our Canadian police chief, the one who abides by Canadian law when they replaced him with this blasted police chief.

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