Thursday, 20 November 2008

Forgotten Woes and Warm Legs

This morning Tango again woke up feeling frisky. It is as if he forgets his age after a good night's sleep. He bounced, was very interested in Kenya's nether regions, and insisted on the patriarch's right to be first out the door. Then reality set in when he discovered once again that he needs to lean on a rock if he is to pee standing up instead of squatting. But after several dribbles he was happily on his way back inside to enjoy the warmth of the in-floor heating and some kibbly bits which we have conned him into thinking are cookies.

Kenya wakes up much as I do ... slowly. There is a cadenced rhythm to her mornings. First she climbs into bed with me and curls up against me so that I can stroke her head and neck. After that we both relax and just enjoy the comfort of knowing we have bed buddies. When I go downstairs she heads out to pee and I set the kettle on to boil. She arrives back and eats her Dentistick in her crate. Then she is quite content to follow me up to the den where she hangs out with me till I have had my tea, read my emails and written some morning words.

I am sleeping well again. I think it is CBC's recommendation of daily lentils and rice to settle adrenal glands plus the extra water and the homeopathic whose first ingredient is Bushmaster snake venom that I started taking for hot flashes and night sweats.

I am making leg warmers so that I can wear skirts all winter long even with sub-zero temperatures and dogs. This pair is a jewel-like purple with a multicolour section at the top (or bottom). I had made fingerless mitts for myself with beautiful wool from Nova Scotia and had lots left. There are strains of mauve and gold and all colours in between in it and it feels good in my fingers as I knit on bamboo needles.

Today I may start Carlos' slippers or maybe start on a tea cozy. Or perhaps I will discipline myself and sew in the loose ends of Max's striped sweater and put it together.

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