Thursday, 13 November 2008

I love mail ...

I have been receiving lovely surprises in my mail box and email inbox lately. A friend I took courses with at Oxford in 1999 and 2000 just got in touch via email. A Kenyan jeweller I knew well in Kenya sent a note today ... just a how are you catch-up note telling me he and his family are doing well. And Ted Kerasote responded to my fan letter with good wishes for Kenya and me.

I also received a notice from the Golden Rescue people. Oh how sorely tempted I am by some of these dogs. But then reason prevails. It is one thing to arrange doggy care for one dog; quite another for two. If I had two I would be less likely to take in boarders. I can barely afford to feed and pay for vet care for one big girl now! So I just look ... and long.

This is Whisky, the same age as Kenya. Wouldn't he make a fine playmate?

We met the old Tango yesterday. He is quite feeble as far as his back legs are concerned but a nice boy and pretty healthy otherwise. He and Kenya got on fine and his owner is going to bring scatter mats so that he can travel around the slate floors more easily by going from one soft place to the next. He would have liked to settle into Kenya's crate but she cried piteously at her favourite refuge being appropriated so I locked the door and gave him the blanket that covers Kenya's couch. Both dogs were fine with that arrangement.

I think when he comes to stay on the 16th I will put his bed in the open front hall closet across from Kenya's crate, and I will block the staircase. So if any of my friends come to visit you will find a place that looks a bit like a house of rags and tatters. Boots on the hall floor, a ladder across the staircase opening, and scatter mats everywhere in the house. Oh well!

Today I am going to do all the indoor jobs I have been putting off. Freezing rain will keep me indoors.

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deb said...

oh yes...the lovely scatter mats. I only have seven of them on the main floor (not counting the two area rugs and 4 dog beds spread about). Without them, Quincy wouldn't be able to stand on the hardwood or ceramic floors. Old dogs do much better on least until incontinence (sp) sets in.

I have been staying in today too...baking.