Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Kisses on the Lake

This morning the lake looks as if it has been kissed randomly all over its surface.

And those heated kisses (like some I have known) have been explosive, creating spider webs all over the smooth surface.


Erin Kuhns said...

I am longing for that flair and excitement your posts exude these days. Can you bottle it and sell it? I'd sell both my legs to get rid of this flatness I'm struggling with right now...

Barbara Carlson said...

Re finding excitement...remembering that as Einstein said, "Either everything is a miracle or nothing is."

Simply attend.

Or, wait till the sun shines again.
It IS dreary out.


Oma said...

Thanks, Erin. You will emerge from this grey cocoon that has sucked you in. Come for tea soon.

Barbara: Yes ... it does help to look for the kisses.

Today when I almost didn't make it up the hill through the sludge, and then pranced around town quite unsuitably dressed in a long skirt that dragged in the puddles of every parking lot and a fleece poncho that had to be held closed against the blasts of wind, all the while carrying multiple bags of groceries, I was finding it much harder to see miracles than it is when I am safely ensconced in my cozy house looking out at winter's beauty.

Barbara Carlson said...

Who said, "Experience is what we get when we don't get want we want?"

A skirt? You must be mad.

Anonymous said...

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