Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A little of this ...

The slippers in the last photo were knit and then felted ... and then I added a pair of toucans I had hanging around. I still have to add a hidden button for anyone who wants really cozy.

Today I will be working on the second idea. I start with felted wool and cut out the pattern pieces and then sew the slipper together with a blanket stitch. I have a feeling they will be bulkier and also sturdier, but I am afraid they might not be as neat and tidy because the process of felting covers a lot of mistakes, and these new ones have been felted before the mistakes are made.

Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained and besides I will have lots of adoring eyes on me as I work. Old Tango is doing fine and Kenya realizes he is too old to harry as she does younger dogs. I think she is confused by the juxtaposition of infirmity and calm assurance that he is still THE GUY.

After breakfast we will go out for a walk. ( I expect Tango and I will walk while Kenya plays and chases sticks.)

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