Friday, 21 November 2008

Yip, yip, yippee ay oh!

At 2 a.m. Kenya and I were awakened by a party. It was one of those moving parties. You know the block parties at Christmas where people have one course in each of several houses on the street. In this case the participants were moving very quickly using our woods as a conduit to get to the main course.

The yipping went on for only a few short minutes and then there was silence. That was when Kenya came over to me and asked to go outside. "No," I said firmly. "You are not wild enough."

She climbed into bed with me and went back to sleep leaving me to think about the party.

It was likely coyotes chasing deer. Rutting season sees a lot of deer on the run and on the roads (and partying themselves).

Last year one ran straight into my almost stopped car so OW gave me a pair of deer deflectors. They sit on my front bumper and apparently warn deer away. Since I have put them on I have seen several deer who watch me intently from the bush near the road. They stop, watch and then move in the opposite direction. I think maybe the deflectors hurt their ears.

I wonder what they think of the coyotes' yip,yip,yippee, ay, oh. Do they imagine the Lone Ranger coming to join the party? Do they even hear them when they are in a state of high sexual excitement?

I love it when I am awakened by a party in the woods, isn't everyone?


Tamarak said...

The only 2am party awakenings here in the city are caused by my daughter and friends or the neighbour and his frineds...and, no...I am not happy to hear either of them...
Now, one in the bush...that I wouldn't mind...

Oma said...

I prefer these naturally wild party animals too.