Sunday, 16 November 2008

Swirling Snow and Grey Skies

Today is a day to cozy up to the fire, read and work on craft projects, but yesterday was a busy day.

Saturday Outing

Yesterday was fun, and I surprised myself by being able to stay awake past my usual bedtime.

We started the day at the pottery show. I didn't buy anything ... just looked and got ideas and wished I had money and space for some of the pieces. I met my daughter Soozoom, my pottery teacher and a fellow student so it turned out to be a very social occasion.

Our little entourage of four continued on to the bead exhibit at the RA Centre. Whew! Wonderful creations but most were well beyond my budget. (I had a pocket full of loonies and toonies.) But I did buy a handful of $2 beads to use as part of my slipper felting project.

Then we went to Manotick Station where we ate deli sandwiches out in the cold and then went in to the bazaar. It was wildly coloured, frenetic and crowded ... a little overwhelming. Mandara raced from one display to the next gathering goodies, while Tammy, Carlos and I were a little more selective. Tammy bought a musical instrument made from a gourd and shells and I bought an Afghan rug to put in front of my leather couch.

Afterwards we drove Mandara home and we brought all the dogs up to the lake where we had dinner and drank wine till 10 p.m.

Later this afternoon the ancient Sheep Dog will begin his weeklong adventure.

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