Sunday, 30 August 2009

Good Dog, Kenya ... and catch-up news

On Friday afternoon I decided to have a snooze after an early supper (It was Wakefest weekend and I intended to go out later.) I awoke to the strangest half howls and pleading noises I have ever heard Kenya emit. I called down something soothing and we had a very strange five minute conversation consisting of desperate "Please, oh please, NOW"s, and sleepy "Just wait. It's All right. I'll be there in a minute," responses from me.

When I went downstairs, there she was, sitting in front of the stove looking up at the left over fish cakes in the iron frying pan.

She wanted them very badly but she wouldn't take any without permission. Anyone who owns a dog will realize just how heartfelt my "Good dog, Kenya" was.

Of course I prepared her dinner and broke one of the fishcakes onto it for her.


I didn't go to Wakefest that evening, but on Saturday I attended an author reading and writing workshop with a name forgotten author whose workshop was totally unprepared and disjointed, and an excellent one given by Brian Doyle who was well organized, intelligent, respectful of his audience, empathetic and kindly.

I cannot say enough good things about his part of the afternoon. He worked on how to apprentice yourself to the writers you admire and used two exercises based on the styles of Dickens and Steinbeck.

I suppose in all fairness I should add that Brian is a former teacher, whereas the woman who was too arrogant to prepare, was a lawyer in her last life.


On my way home I dropped into the shop to deliver the history of the second Wonky Woman, "Reaching for the Moon", and discovered Kelly shivering in the damp cold. I suggested she put on a pair of the socks I was selling, and she told me the only adult pair had sold. My second suggestion came in the form of a question, "Why don't you close the door?" She looked startled and then laughed. I closed the door on my way out with a bunch of WONDERFUL organic arugula in my hands, went home to Kenya and my own cold house, made a cozy fire and started work on the second sock of the second pair of adult socks.


Today I intend to stay here in my cozy house looking out at the greyness of the lake while I work on the doll's cradle and the already sold brightly coloured chair. I hope the rest of your weekend will be as happy as I expect mine to be.


Barbara Carlson said...

Next week, you will be passing so close to me in The Highlands.

Want to stop by? I'd love to see you for a minute or two.

You can see the "peach" colour combo on my monitor!

sassy said...

WOW, Kenya is a GOOD dog!!

Oma said...

Sassy ... yes, isn't she? Of course the flip side of that is that she becomes remarkably nasty-tongued if another dog tried to break the rules.

Barbara ... I will try ... my appointment is at 1:20 on Monday and I have no idea how long it will take ... so please don't wait in for me or anything.

Barbara Carlson said...

I was told (earlier this month) the appointment takes 40 if you want stop by -- call me afterwards and we can have a cup of tea.