Thursday, 27 August 2009

I'm Back ...

Long Hiatus ... busier than usual ...

I have been busy being sociable, looking after two extra dogs, writing a letter to Sears, doing laundry at Tamarak's, attempting to volunteer at Wakefest, making arrangements to help Claire and Tom by staying with Claire while Tom gets out occasionally, and painting ... and knitting.

Painting News: I have sold another chair ... actually the same chair twice. The shop owner allowed a customer to buy the chair intended for her own daughter so that I would be guaranteed two child's rocker sales. She has given me free rein but would like the same colours as the very first chair ... bright primary colours plus green. I bought a baby-safe bright red and lovely spring leaf green yesterday and primed that little rocker and the doll's cradle that Tamarak and Carlos unearthed the other day. I have almost finished painting the second Wonky Woman chair. I'll post photos before I take her to the shop.

Knitting News: a beautiful self patterning sock in black, greens and reds the colour is called Congo) in my favourite fine sock yarn, Heart and Sole with aloe, is almost half finished. I am using #2 American needles and it seems to be going a little faster but I have still spent 10 hours so far. I am measuring my time by the movies I watch. These five have been The Constant Gardener, Mostly Martha, First Do No Harm, Finding Forrester, and Nowhere in Africa. I think perhaps I knit faster while entertained ... sort of like exercising to music, but it still takes a very long time to knit a pair of women's socks in a fine wool, even when the colours make you happy and you use a slightly larger needle. If I make $1 per hour on kids' socks, I figure I make about 50 cents on women's. And that, of course, works on the assumption that someone will actually buy a pair! If no one does, then each pair of socks is costing me money to knit!

I will be looking after Claire this Friday morning and next Thursday afternoon plus every Wednesday morning as long as she is able to stay at home. I have told Tom that I will be available whenever he needs me. I am very glad I will have this time with her.

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