Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Moving Right Along

This post will be just a little of this and a little of that ...

The sweater for the great grand babe whose name keeps changing:
I was all set to block the pieces when I looked at the sleeves and decided I wanted to re-knit them ... so the blocking will happen tonight or tomorrow ... and then I can put it together and take a photo to post here. I used baby Bamboo which is a silky soft yarn that is fun to knit with.

Her blanket is 25 rows from the end. Thank goodness. It was all garter stitch and I had to start each row afresh and then braid in the loose strands to create the edges. It seemed to go on forever. It is good to see the end in sight!

Funky Furniture etc: I spent yesterday working on the administrative stuff ... putting together the blurbs bilingues with business cards. I will take them in to the shop with the apple bowl and the box which I polyurethaned as soon as the varnish sets. It is so darned damp here today I may have to light a fire to get the drying done.

I also started the cat drawings on the second Happy Cat chair. I find it impossible to enjoy doing pieces that are too similar. I loved doing the first cat chair and am finding this one a drag. I remember asking a wonderful sculptor down in the Eastern Townships if she could make me a goddess later when I could afford one. Her response now makes complete sense: she could never produce two the same; she worked through inspiration. So she gave me a special price. That goddess is still living with me and I love her as much as I did the day I brought her home.

Today I must take care of making proper business cards through Staples on-line.

And I have to get photos ready for printing so that I can have a portfolio at the shop.

Just Life:
Yesterday was a great day for swimming and Kenya and I took our breaks in the lake. We met a couple swimming around the lake ... not once but three times. I felt like a bit of a piker just swimming around purposelessly with my dog.

I have a lunch date tomorrow with someone who plays with language and makes jokes in Franglais. I will visit Zoom before going to Les Fougeres.

Friends from Montreal are coming to visit early next week and will stay a few days.

I have to fit in all my social activities before the 21st because I will be dogsitting for a few days ... Chelsea and Olive again ... and I have agreed to help out at Wakefest the following weekend, and then the one after that I will be looking after a new dog. And then it is already September!

I want to try to visit Mud Mama in September and Lindsay's baby shower is September 27. I may have to leave the Nova Scotia trip till October.

It is hard to be a hermit when I am so busy socially! It's also hard to keep stopping and starting the work on the chairs especially. The small pieces are easier that way.

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