Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A Woe is Me Wednesday Lament

Well, the Sears technician showed up today and gave me the bad news. One of the washing machine's computers exploded. Likely causes: a lightning hit or a power drop (opposite of surge) or the extremely high humidity. Cost to repair: about $400. Last year the one year old dryer cost $358 to repair. Is this normal? These machines are two years old and are being driven by a little old lady!

I bought the more expensive energy efficient models this time and thought they would be better quality. Together with the shipping fee for Wakefield I paid over $1800 for the two appliances. Should I automatically purchase the extended warranties on every appliance I buy? I've never bought those warranties in the past, and washers and dryers lasted forever.

It would likely have been cheaper than paying an extra $758 in the first two years!

What do you do?

Oh ... did I mention? The technician broke another part when he was installing the computer ... and that part won't be available till next week so I will be without a machine till then.

To end this on a more positive note:

The dehumidifier worked like a charm and cost under $200.

Maureen and Jeff came up on Tuesday morning and left this afternoon. It was good to have their company, and Kenya was delighted with the extra attention. Jeff was somewhat less delighted with her attentiveness to him. She always made sure that she shook all over him and his book.

AND ... Late this afternoon I went out with the sodden load of towels and bathmats that had been trapped in the washer for two days. I was hanging them on the sagging line when a hummingbird alighted on the line to watch me.


Barbara Carlson said...

AND -- no leeches today! (I am assuming...)

Oma said...

No ... no leeches, plagues of grasshoppers or boils erupting all over my body.