Thursday, 20 August 2009

I keep checking to see if someone has pasted a kick me sign on my back

Yesterday after my post I received another unpayable tax bill ... a new one from the federal tax people ... this follows a whole raft of similarly unpayable ones from both Quebec and the federal tax departments. All are the result of the cost of building this house and all of these missives have been the direct result of cashing in RRSPs to do so. If I had it to do over again, I would never again put my savings into RRSPs ... Too late wise of course ... I have no money to put into savings anywhere.

Then this morning the Sears technician phoned to tell me that the part he broke won't be in till Monday but the next available service call to repair the machine is scheduled for Friday, August 28th.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy appliances from Sears. They break way before they should and their repair service is obviously under-manned. They used to be a reliable source of appliances, but not any more if my experience is typical, and I suspect it is since the technician told me that another customer he talked to this morning has been waiting 8 days for a service call.

i am almost afraid to go out and check the mail this afternoon.


sassy said...

There used to be a time when you could not go wrong with Sears as they were known for their customer service. I think that has changed.

Rev Can. ;(

Here's wishing you a better second half of your week.

Oma said...

Thanks, Sassy!

IrishGirl said...

The noon time show on CBC radio regularly has on a great appliance guy. He's on today (Friday) actually I believe. One of his pet peeves is that they simply don't make appliances to last any more. Apparently they are not meant to.

My parents were modernizing one year and I grabbed up their old fridge, which was in the house when I was growing up. It is over 46 years old, is our primary fridge and still going strong. I do wish we could get a new seal for the door but other than that, there is no problem. And it has that great vintage look.

My Mum still uses the washer/dryer from when I was at home too and that was over 26 years ago.

Oma said...

I will keep the radio on today ... thanks for the tip ... if you have a chance, please let me know what time ... thanks, Irish Girl.

Mud Mama said...

I hate Sears too. In fact we refuse to shop there at all now. We boycott Sears and Walmart - which is a tall order when those are only large stores within an hour of here.

I'm sorry about the Rec Can news - are these "reminds" or are they asking for more money???

Oma said...

I am really disappointed in Sears ... Opa worked for Simpson's which was eaten up by Sears eventually for almost 40 years ... and we gave Kenmore and Sears brand and store loyalty for many many years.

The Revenue Canada demand is a new one.

IrishGirl said...

It's CBC Radio One. From noon to 1:00. I'm not sure he's on today but I thought I heard her say that on yesterday's show.

Oma said...

I heard him today. He seemed to accept the fact that things fall apart far more readily than they once did ... makes me realize that I either need to buy cheap next time or get the expensive plan or run my machines constantly for the first year and the hell with saving water or electricity ... which kind of defeats the purpose of buying energy efficient models!

And what is the point of buying energy efficient models if they are going to end up in landfill in a very short time?