Friday, 28 August 2009

Wonky Woman #2

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Barbara Carlson said...

WONDERFUL colour combination!
The peach just does it!

I saw many tiny antique children's chairs (even
a little folding one) today and thought of you. Beechwood & McKay in New Edinburgh. But they were v. expensive @ Time and Thyme Again shop. Do you know it?

Oma said...

1. I wish i had your monitor! The peach is actually an antique gold. But now I will try peach with the other colours!

2. I do know that shop ... my favourite nightie came from there! I should take a look ... but if they were lovely antiques I'd be afraid I would ruin them by painting them even if they were not really expensive.

I have started a doll's cradle that is a very rough replica of an antique and feel good about elevating it ... but I will take a peek next week when I go for my mammogram at the Montfort.