Sunday, 9 August 2009

Grey Sunday

I began my day by working on the small items ... polyurethaning ... and then decided to take a break and go to the Rupert auction. Everything was being sold in mystery boxes. You got a long distance peek at one or two items in each box. I wanted the flour sifter in one box so I got a lot of odd stuff I didn't want as well for $2. At least the price was right. Then for another $2 I got two boxes of lighting parts ... shades and bases and fixtures. Again ... a great price ... and I think I can definitely use several of them in places like the utility and laundry rooms and in a closet in my den.

If anyone wants to sift through my cast-offs you are welcome to take whatever I can't use ... for an even better price than I paid. Free to the first people who show up!

I find this kind of day depressing and I can't even work up an interest in painting. I am still at the spindle stage of the two chairs and feel a bit as if I am working on an assembly line. I think I will finish one chair completely and then move on to the second one.

Kenya had a great day yesterday. She went over to help my neighbour who was, with friends, moving over 3000 pounds of broken concrete under his deck. He's been having work done on his two cottages and they left a helluva mess. I know the feeling of looking at over a ton of stuff to move ... I felt overwhelmed when they dropped off 2100 pounds of eco wood last year up by my car! This year the owner's son has agreed to bring my wood in winter and move it down the hill by sled as he did two winters ago. He isn't bound by labour regulation laid down by the Workman's Compensation Board because it is a family business. I was delighted when he offered.

But back to Kenya. She chased sticks all morning with the guys and then went swimming with them afterwards. They told me she was a great diversion. And she was delighted to have three playmates.

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Erin Kuhns said...

The country-pack-rat in me wants to check out your cast-offs...