Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Back ...

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Barbara Carlson said...

You're welcome. I felt like a God/Architect collaging the elements (manipulated house fronts from all over Ottawa & one bit of fire escape that made up all of them.)

(If you click on the images they expand to fill the screen. Awesome. A new blog feature?)

sassy said...

I love this! What is it made from and how tall/large is it? Is it on display someplace? What inspired it?

(yes I have questions)

Oma said...


Barbara creates these prints in different sizes ... I will let her respond to your other questions ... she checks in here every day.

Barbara Carlson said...

Hello Sassy,
The largest sized graphic is 13" x 27". It was inspired by house fronts in Ottawa. I started with the ground floor and just kept "collaging" up via PS CS3.

There are 500 layers at least. Called The Homemade Highrise. It "could be built" says an architect but "probably wouldn't be up to code...the fire escapes notwithstanding."

You can see them at my studio. Call me at 613-749-6515 and I'll invite you over. Thanks for your


sassy said...

Thanks Barbara, will do, and thank you Oma for posting these pics - a new discovery for me ;)