Thursday, 3 September 2009

Catch-up Time

I have been working on Lida's rocker and am finally beginning to like it, despite a few false starts and cover-ups.

The weather is glorious and I will take Kenya out in a few minutes for exercise and to get the mail ... likely by kayak.

Not a lot of news ... I spent Monday cleaning the porch so that there will be access to chairs and room to store firewood ... Tuesday and Wednesday sweeping and mopping up dog hair, painting and knitting ... and this morning, before resuming painting, I sorted out all my different needles by size and put them into labeled jars which are now sitting innocuously and tidily on a shelf in my den closet instead of tangled together in the livingroom.

I have to make some phone calls today ... I hope I get to them.

My first dog boarder will arrive this evening and the second tomorrow at noon.

After they are both settled in, I will deliver more socks and the little rocking chair, and pick up my first pay cheque at the shop. I will also stop in to visit Claire at the hospital.

And then it will be the Labour day weekend ... we will have a horseshoe tournament on Saturday afternoon, and a wiener and corn roast in the evening. I am looking forward to it this year.

Have a great weekend whatever you do to celebrate the end of the shortest summer on record!

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