Friday, 11 September 2009

The Wonky Women have walked away!

The wonky women chairs (the mermaid and the Russian/ Oma/Mongolian reaching for the moon) have both sold. Their new home is The Well/La Source Women's Day Centre! And ... they will likely be ordering a third wonky woman that will incorporate their logo in in some way!

That means that all my chairs except the last cat chair have been sold!!! I had better start looking for more chairs! I have a lead on some that I will call this evening.

I didn't get the cradle finished today because Sarah, Lucas and Remi arrived and stayed for most of the day. We had a good long walk and lots of time to visit. The dogs were delighted to have each other for the whole day, and Lucas is perfectly comfortable being mobbed by licking dogs so he was happy too.

We met Tom and he said that Claire doesn't have much time left. I will get in to see her tomorrow. I hope she will know that I was there to say good bye.


Barbara Carlson said...

When you called, I must have been thinking of another story (?). This one for Lita is darling. You were/are a good mum.
So sorry to hear about Claire.

Did you reach Jerry?

Oma said...

Barbara: No wonder you are confused. I wrote a letter to Lita to accompany her letter L rocking chair. Then I wrote a story to accompany the doll cradle which has not yet been sold ... and which I am loathe to sell to just anybody. Thanks for the compliment and for your sympathy. I already miss Claire terribly. I left a message for Jerry but haven't heard back yet.