Saturday, 5 September 2009

Neurotic Dogs and Drug-induced Madness

One of my dog guests this weekend has never in the seven years of his life been away from his home and family. That wouldn't be completely unheard of but he has also led a life quite secluded from other dogs, I think ... and he's never seen a collar or leash till this weekend. It has presented quite a challenge.

He can't be allowed to run off-leash here because he heads straight down the road in pursuit of his daddy's car. I use Kenya's leather collar and leash, but when I try to get him in the house he can be very stubborn ... appearing to attack me and then stiffening up and refusing to move. Kenya gets really ticked off when this happens ... and that is not a pretty sight ( all noise but nasty).

He is terrified every time Kenya yells at him and I have been spending a good bit of time reassuring him that he is just fine, and keeping him separated from the other dogs ... even taking him with me in the car when possible. But he is not happy.

Yesterday I took the three dogs for a long walk. Zeke, who has been remarkably well behaved this time (except for barking all night the first night he was here), walked between Kenya and Corey. When Zeke made friendly overtures to Corey, Corey just didn't get it. He got quite huffy.

Corey's dad called yesterday and said he was coming home early ... likely by five today ... and I breathed a great sigh of relief.

This has not been an easy job ... and I have put in all that time, worry and energy for about $35! Good grief! That's even less pay than knitting socks!

I visited Claire yesterday. Her mind has been dramatically affected by the drugs she is taking. Yesterday she spoke nothing but French and I asked her daughter whether French was her first language. No ... but Claire believes that she once spoke French in a former life. Her son said he believed she had once been the Queen of France, and Claire smiled as beatifically as she had during my last visit when she told me that a world renowned conductor and the best musicians in the world were performing a symphony just for her. I see only the happy moments of her madness ... but those who love her best have to deal with her irrational anger as well. I wish I could do more than bring chocolate cookies.


Erin Kuhns said...

I know what you mean. But then don't underestimate the power of chocolate cookies...

Barbara Carlson said...

One of the four basic addictive tastes -- salty, sour, sweet and greasy. The finger/bar/snack foods. And, consider the Spring Roll. Yummm!