Monday, 14 September 2009

Too black a mood to post ... but I need to vent

I woke up in a wonderful mood despite getting almost no sleep last night because I was tending to a dog with explosive diarrhea and vomiting ... a dog who would die before she would sully the floor with such things. We were outside several times during the night. Today she is on a rice and water diet

When I got up I intended to get a whole bunch of necessary jobs done ... bills ... phone calls ... laundry ...

I got the bills in order and put the laundry in the machine and pushed the power button. Nothing. Nada. Not even a flickering light with an error message. I tried a lamp in the outlet. Fine. I tried again several times and was greeted by deathly stillness.

I broke the silence with an oath and all my plans scattered themselves as I collected all the bills and sat down at the phone to fume through extended waiting periods on hold with a faulty recording machine playing staticky canned music (must have been a Kenmore), receptionists who passed me on to other people, and finally a tough babe who agreed that two machines costing $1800 should not have caused me this much grief but said that no repair person would come inside my house if I didn't agree to pay the service call. She did tell me who manufactured the bloody machines (dryer-Frigidaire; washer- Whirlpool) and said that I would definitely get a response from Sears head office (it has been close to a month since I wrote) ... but she refused to give me a repair date before NEXT Friday ... that is the 25th. I have washed two loads of laundry in my washer since mid August!

So ... I have organized my tasks and dealt with a broken washer and wanted to commit murder today. I have not accomplished anything worthwhile.

Well ... that's not strictly true. I took a calming break to choose my colours for my next chair ... Iguana green, bright blue, bright yellow, brick red, turquoise, orange and cream ... the colours of the Algarve. I think it will be a wonky house chair ... and I think it will be a funky attempt to capture what is essentially Wakefield. A frame house with a sagging verandah in those colours will be the centrepiece and the legs etc. will be garnished with those colours and images that are quintessentially Wakefield.

And now I think I shall rest and rejuvenate myself so that tomorrow I can deal with all the things I should have done today.

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