Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Death by Tea

I murdered my keyboard yesterday morning while posting the whole novel to the writing blog ... I wasted a few hours trying clean up the mess and resuscitate the poor thing but have not been successful. The a and @ keys have gone into silly mode. Have you any idea how often you use those keys???

So ... I am hunting and pecking on my laptop while standing up downstairs

A friend is getting rid of an old keyboard and a back-up hard drive and offered them to me. If I can start my car I will be picking them up today.

Little news ...

...a good birthday weekend with Marta and Henry ...

...the roofer has shoveled the snow off the roof and is stymied by the problem which should have been solved by the ice shield, the raised ventilation and the extra ten inches of insulation all done last last summer. he thinks it is a design fault ... back ionce again to the original builders and their incompetence. The builder changed the architectural plan of the roof ... but the architect made the first error ... and neither of them dealt with it before it was too late.

... the whole manuscript of Explosion is now posted on the Oma-writes blog.

I hope I will be back to my familiar computer tomorrow.

Cheers all.

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