Wednesday, 14 January 2009

An Imperfectly Lovely Day!

Today was a bitterly cold day but I had a wonderful time despite facing problems.

I was up VERY early because I was expecting Remi's dad to pick him up at 6:30. He came much later than that and while he was here I received a call from Denis (the man who fixed my muffler). He called to make sure I had not ended up in the ditch somewhere last night Now that is kindliness and concern.

After Remi and his dad left, Kenya and I skiied down to the mailboxes and I received an unexpected cheque from the income tax people.

I t was a cold bit of skiing but much more fun than skiing on the lake.

That morning I had made a big pot of beef stew on the wood stove, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. It was lovely to dip out a big bowl when I came back in with cold rosy cheeks and hungry.

After lunch I decided to dig out my car and drive to the village to pick up my prescription. When I got there the car refused to start so I trudged back and called the pharmacy and asked them for their free delivery to my mail box.

The next trip out netted me the package I was waiting for.

So ... lots of fresh air, exercise, fun, good financial news, and a reminder that living in the country has benefits that people who shop box stores likely cannot even dream of.

And I watched Anne of Green Gables yet again.

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