Saturday, 10 January 2009

Gone to the Dogs Rationale

I started looking after dogs because it made Kenya happy. I continue because it makes me happy. Most of the time.

I have few rules or guidelines.

I have to like the dog and so does Kenya.

I won't take a dog that runs.

I prefer to sit one dog at a time, two at most.

Over Christmas it was completely hectic and, although I liked all the dogs, it wasn't fun.

Partly because I broke almost all my rules

Partly because my house was filled with other excitement and people

Partly because we had a power outage for two days

Partly because I was in and out of medical facilities; on and off medications

Partly because a strange dog entered the mix

I found myself scrambling the whole time. When I fed them, I felt like a zoo keeper; and when I did it in the dark, like a blind one. They were always leaving the property following the husky, the husky-shepherd stranger, or their own curious noses. It was too icy to walk that many animals safely, and there were too many to do it one at a time. And one of the dogs was a puppy ... still chewing and a food thief, and I lost an expensive throw rug to her penchant for eating everything. Two were weak-tummied animals who had me up for two nights attending to diarrhea, vomiting and an earache.

The joy of the whole experience was that all four dogs loved one another and were good gentle souls. It certainly helped but it did not mean I enjoyed Christmas.

Right now I have one dog that Kenya and I have known and loved since he was 6 weeks old. Kenya cut her mommying teeth on him and he used her as a chew toy while he was growing up. He is now 18 months old and a lovely calm dog. This is when I know I have the best " job " in the world!

Here they are at midnight last night.

Well no they aren't.

I am having trouble with my dial-up connection this morning. I will try putting them up through Picasa as a series.

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