Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Going Round in Circles

Do you know how a dog makes its home feel secure and familiar? It turns around and around in its blankets until it creates a nest.

That is what I have been doing in a more human way .

I have been ordering, changing, straightening, cleaning and reorganizing everything in my home from the shelves by the front door to the closets in every room, to the laundry area to the utility room to the freezer, to my desk, to the kitchen drawers.

Now of course I can't find anything, but at least I have re-created a nest.

It is funny how Kenya and I were relieved to be alone but both of us are finding our very settled orderly lives not enough. Kenya looks longingly out over the lake hoping a dog will appear. When none does she comes to the window and looks for company to play with her. When I go out to her she dances like a prancing pony with her stick begging me to throw it, but too excited to drop it so that I can.

I am still waiting for Denis to call me about oiling my car and fastening the muffler more securely. If he doesn't call me today it will be too late until Friday. We are supposed to receive a real dump of snow again tomorrow and I have finally heard from the Eye Institute ... an appointment on Thursday afternoon.

Tomorrow I think I will celebrate my snow day by playing with my skiis and either knitting or felting.

It feels good to be settled and peaceful ... but a little lonely as well. We will go out for a walk soon.

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