Monday, 19 January 2009

On Balance in 2009

"1300 Palestinians and 13 Israelis killed since the Israeli offensive began on December 27."

Is that what one might call a vile imbalance?

The Israelis have ignored world pressure to stop the offensive in Gaza for over three weeks.

I have been wondering why Barack Obama has been silent on the issue.

Now BBC says that the Israeli withdrawal of troops is linked to the inauguration of the new president; that they want to begin their relationship with the Obama administration positively.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Mr. Obama could effect world peace just by being a beacon of hope, by standing for right?

Of course no one could live up to the world's expectations of the man, but I hope he will not be crushed by the realities and disappointments that will follow when he proves himself humanly frail. I hope the American people and the world will allow him to be a decent human being, and not ask him to be Superman.


Barbara Carlson said...

With Obama at the helm, I want to be a better person.

The roll-up to tomorrow has been unbelievably moving for me (born in America, now with dual citizenship) and I am close to tears just thinking about his job ahead. Obama is equipped to make the changes that have to be made. But are we?

We are a selfish, willful, pampered lot, but I am audaciously hopeful...and I do feel a seismic shift in attitudes, esp. among the young who have to take over now.

Also, he understand the power of the Internet. He is the first President to have a computer on his Oval Office desk -- hard to believe.

Oma said...

An 18 year old friend who is also a beacon of hope is on her way down to the inauguration. I think you are right. The future is in the hands of the young and there are still those who have managed to maintain their integrity, their sense of responsibility and their believe in a better world. And they are the ones who will respond to what Obama has to offer.

Layla is carrying my hopes for a better future with her.

Barbara Carlson said...

I take it as a really high compliment when a person more than half my age asks me to be her Friend on Facebook, or exchanges many emails or is really keen on what I make. For to them I must look 100 years old and potentially so past it!