Friday, 30 January 2009

Endangered Species

A Swedish reader wrote that she is reveling in the bookstores of San Francisco (People Reading Blog) because bookstores have disappeared in her country. Everyone buys their books on-line. A good reason for us to protect our endangered species while we still have them.

I, however, am as guilty as everyone else. Here we have one book store. I would love to give them all my business but every time I have tried, the books have to be ordered and they invariably take much longer (and are far more expensive) than Amazon.

I would love to go to San Francisco and spend a week in book stores, wouldn't you? I would also look for the parrots and climb the hills and take photos of idiosyncratic windows and doorways populated by cats.

As you can see by the last photo, I am neither knitting nor reading. Instead we are all cooking, cuddling babies and enjoying the joy of our dogs' reunion.

Zeke the Nova Scotia Toller comes this morning so Kenya will have company for a whole week.

I will start reading and knitting again this weekend.


Pat said...

Initially, I would only buy music from - the price was slightly better than in-store, and it was a less irritating way for me to get the music I wanted (I rarely get along with record store clerks). It was a slippery slope, and soon enough I was buying books online. It's hard to argue with 15-30% off the list price. Lately, I have been buying books at Collected Works in Westboro. If it is in stock, I buy it. If not, I order it online. The nice bit about Collected Works is that they have a rewards program - 10% of everything I spend comes back to me as in-store credit. A nice enough perk for shopping independent!

Oma said...

I like Collected Works too ... but it is a major trip for me and I don't get into town that often. I wish that the Wakefield Bookstore were as good.