Thursday, 22 January 2009

One of those busy days ...

Today has been one chore after another ... a medical appointment in which I learned little but the doctor is speeding up the weaning process for this ugly drug ... a Costco shopping trip (ugh) ... a trip to Ritchie Feed and Seed where I bought potting soil and big pots for two plants that need to be moved and a very expensive chewy thing for Kenya ... then Giant Tiger to pick up the last of the nifty craft corner stuff ... then two sledloads of stuff to haul in ... including a huge bag of sunflower seeds for the birds and two big bags of soil ... then the assembly process ... and the putting away of things ... and the disposal of the recyclables ... and finally at 3 p.m. a lunch of soup and a sandwich and an exhausted sprawl on the couch with Kenya watching West Side Story.

Then in the front hall a leak started ... damn ... damn ... damn.

So ... at almost 5 p.m. ... not much accomplished except the necessities of life ... but isn't it interesting that I found the class DVD version of West Side Story on Obama's inauguration day?

And isn't my craft supply corner cute ... did you notice the little blackboard ends on the fabric baskets? As a former teacher it is always fun to find a blackboard and to use coloured chalk on it ... especially when I can label things and change the location and the labels so easily. I like fluidity, I am discovering ... I like to use spaces for more than one purpose ... to allow furniture to move according to need ... to have portable rocking chairs as part of the living arrangement.

But at the same time I cannot abide chaos. I really do find some measure of peace in organizing my life.

My buddy Tamarack is so very different from me. She can operate at a high level of efficiency when all hell is breaking loose around her. I need to get my life under control ... to know that everything has a place ... to create order from chaos ... or I cannot possibly be creative. Funny that both of us are blogging about this right now.


Tamarak said...

I can't believe you are having leak trouble again...that is completely unacceptable!!!

Your crafty corner looks wonderful!

I think my being able to function amid chaos is a survival thing...I wonder what I would do if I found myself surrounded by calm and organization?

Oma said...

Maybe your neurons would fail to spark and you would be producing work as colourless and tepid as old dishwater!

Whatever you are doing right now seems to be working.