Monday, 28 June 2010

After the Weekend

We are back to clanking, roaring, beeping noisiness this morning, but the weekend was pleasant, and quiet.

Our next door neighbours were entertaining, but the only sign of habitation was the fact that two little boys with no experience with kayaks  were out most of the weekend playing on the lake, their paddles occasionally skimming the surface of the water at first but by Sunday dipping in more often than not.

The only time they became loud, Kenya went over to check out what was happening, ended up staying with them for an hour or so and came back exhausted and water logged.

Overall it was a very special weekend for Kenya.  She had Charlie (an extra dog but not very sociable or playful) here to pretend that there was some competition for her sticks, and two young men who threw those sticks into the water.  Techwood and Scott came up on Saturday and left Sunday afternoon.  We ate well  (I made Tamarak's Island pork tenderloin with barbecued veggies and rice on Saturday, and Scott made hamburgers on Sunday. We played with dogs, lounged around the garden, weeded, moved some black pipe up to the storage spot with the roofing tin, turned the clothesline right side up, drank more than we should have ... and just generally had a relaxed happy weekend.

I am still not drinking the water and won't be able to till later this week ... I expect by Friday if my plumber works that day. It makes planning for the long weekend a little trickier, and it was already tricky ...  I had hoped to visit friends near Montreal but M. is undergoing tests and so her dates are up in the air.

We are supposed to have good weather so maybe I will just hang out here ... and invite friends to join me at the lake.

I am teaching the following week so will have an escape from the noise every morning at least.

I hope you all had a great weekend and that the week is beginning well for you too.

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