Monday, 14 June 2010

A hairy little heartening weekend ...

I seem to have been running from one social engagement to another all weekend ... and also bought  (foolishly) a very expensive pair of German sandals and then returned them a day later.

But I did manage to watch one of the movies I picked up at my favourite little second hand store.  It was called "Heart" and cost me $3.95.   Unless you grew up in the fifties, it probably won't mean anything to you, but when I was fourteen, in 1954, a sixteen year old girl swam Lake Ontario.  Her name was Marilyn Bell.

She learned to swim at the same place I  did:  the Sunnyside pool.  And while my swimming in Lake Ontario was confined to short distances from the raft we neighbourhood kids knocked together, she swam 32 miles across that grey, cold, rough-waved lake. 

Still at fourteen, and living by then in Halifax, I felt a sense of kinship with her.

"Heart" is her story.  I am very glad it jumped off that dusty shelf into my hands.  I like reading about people who struggle against tremendous odds.

Another hitherto unknown movie I bought recently was called  "The Freedom Writers". It too was about a young woman who fought against terrible odds and succeeded;  another movie that reminded me of my youth.  This time, I was taken back to those years I spent teaching.

Today we have rain again and I have botched  a loaf of banana bread.  It is still edible, just not pretty.  I used one of those silicone loaf pan things.

Ever since Kenya went to the groomer she has had dandruff.  I am not sure whether the groomer used a shampoo she is allergic to, or whether she didn't rinse her properly or whether it had something to do with the fact that she shaved a section above her tail (something I would NEVER do and that is where the dandruff started).  It is also possible that it was all just coincidental.   But Kenya's coat is usually beautiful ... long and sleek and silky.

The first attempt to remedy the problem was almond oil applied topically.  She seemed to enjoy it but she looked like a wet hen with spiked hair. After a few hours I bathed her with warm water from the hose and puppy shampoo and then rinsed her really well.

 Then I decided to fix things from the inside out.  I mixed  olive oil into her food She liked the olive oil fine but I went on line to see if there was a better choice.  They suggested Vitamin E or fish oil so I went to the health food store and bought something specially for dogs' coats and skin.

Her coat already looks better so I think I am on the right track.

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