Tuesday, 29 June 2010

An Update on the Box Itself

Just compare with my header photo ... a month a a half of wonderful weather for gardens.  I am very glad I chose this year to start gardening!


Barbara Carlson said...

I was just wondering when a garden update would be posted... Looking good. You are probably already harvesting herbs.

Oma said...

Yes indeed ... check out the preceding post ... I can't keep up with the nasturtiums, the arugula or the herbs ... and soon the zucchini will be ahead of me ... and then the tomatoes ...

The other veggies are slower ... cucumbers, beans, carrots, onions ... all look healthy but a long way from eating yet ... but then it is still June!

I am not sure whether I will have chard or leeks but we will see.

Next year I intend to have at least one more box.